List prices for Pins & Rings, Item# 6325

List Prices for Item # 6325, Precision Dowel Pin, Hardened, m6-Tol

Ref: DIN 6325/Similar to ISO 8734
Parallel - Hardness 58 to 62 HRC - Precision Ground - Diameter Tolerance m6 (oversized)

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1x4$25.80 c
1x5Call for Price
1x6Call for Price
1x8Call for Price
1x10$40.00 c
1x12$42.00 c
1x16$50.00 c
1.5x4Call for Price
1.5x5Call for Price
Sizes H
1.5x6$20.80 c
1.5x8$32.00 c
1.5x10Call for Price
1.5x12$24.40 c
1.5x14Call for Price
1.5x16$40.00 c
1.5x18$40.00 c
1.5x20$32.00 c
Sizes H
2x4$20.00 c
2x5$24.00 c
2x6$12.00 c
2x8$19.60 c
2x10$16.00 c
2x12$21.20 c
2x14$18.00 c
2x16$20.40 c
Sizes H
2x18$21.00 c
2x20$24.40 c
2x22$30.00 c
2x24$33.20 c
2x26$41.00 c
2x28$56.00 c
2x30$40.00 c
2x32$60.00 c
Sizes H
2x36$74.00 c
2x40$95.00 c
2.5x6$16.00 c
2.5x8$16.80 c
2.5x10$19.20 c
2.5x12$23.20 c
2.5x14Call for Price
2.5x16$23.60 c
Sizes H
2.5x18$32.00 c
2.5x20$24.80 c
2.5x24$44.00 c
2.5x26$45.00 c
2.5x28$52.00 c
2.5x30$64.80 c
2.5x32Call for Price
2.5x36$95.00 c
Sizes H
2.5x40$112.00 c
2.5x45Call for Price
2.5x50Call for Price
3x6$13.20 c
3x8$16.00 c
3x10$14.00 c
3x12$15.20 c
3x14$16.80 c
Sizes H
3x16$15.60 c
3x18$22.80 c
3x20$23.20 c
3x22Call for Price
3x24$26.40 c
3x26$37.20 c
3x28Call for Price
3x30$31.60 c
Sizes H
3x32$44.00 c
3x36$38.00 c
3x40$50.00 c
3x45Call for Price
3x50$52.00 c
4x6$23.20 c
4x8$20.80 c
4x10$20.00 c
Sizes H
4x12$22.80 c
4x14$23.00 c
4x16$23.20 c
4x18$25.60 c
4x20$27.80 c
4x22Call for Price
4x24$28.00 c
4x26$40.00 c
Sizes H
4x28$34.80 c
4x30$50.00 c
4x32$50.20 c
4x36$60.00 c
4x40$52.00 c
4x45$100.00 c
4x50$60.00 c
4x55Call for Price
Sizes H
4x60Call for Price
5x8$24.80 c
5x10$26.00 c
5x12$27.20 c
5x14$27.60 c
5x16$34.00 c
5x18$36.00 c
5x20$36.40 c
Sizes H
5x22Call for Price
5x24$38.00 c
5x26$50.00 c
5x28$52.00 c
5x30$48.40 c
5x32$62.00 c
5x36$64.00 c
5x40$64.40 c
Sizes H
5x45$88.00 c
5x50Call for Price
5x55Call for Price
5x60$100.00 c
5x70$172.00 c
5x80$240.00 c
6x8$40.00 c
6x10$34.80 c
Sizes H
6x12$36.00 c
6x14$37.20 c
6x16$40.00 c
6x18$41.20 c
6x20$41.60 c
6x22$60.00 c
6x24$48.00 c
6x28$60.00 c
Sizes H
6x30$66.00 c
6x32$72.00 c
6x36$74.00 c
6x40$76.00 c
6x45$88.00 c
6x50$90.00 c
6x55$114.00 c
6x60$120.00 c
Sizes H
6x70$180.00 c
6x80$164.00 c
6x90$177.00 c
6x100$400.00 c
8x12$56.00 c
8x16$60.00 c
8x18$72.00 c
8x20$68.00 c
Sizes H
8x22Call for Price
8x24$80.00 c
8x28$100.00 c
8x30$102.00 c
8x32$104.00 c
8x36$105.00 c
8x40$108.00 c
8x45$152.00 c
Sizes H
8x50$136.00 c
8x55$260.00 c
8x60$268.00 c
8x70$320.00 c
8x80$300.00 c
8x90$380.00 c
8x100$394.00 c
8x120Call for Price
Sizes H
10x16$112.00 c
10x20$113.00 c
10x24$113.00 c
10x28$120.00 c
10x30$136.00 c
10x32$200.00 c
10x36$164.00 c
10x40$165.00 c
Sizes H
10x45$256.00 c
10x50$240.00 c
10x55$280.00 c
10x60$300.00 c
10x70$301.00 c
10x80Call for Price
10x90Call for Price
10x100$367.00 c
Sizes H
10x120Call for Price
12x20$160.00 c
12x24$168.00 c
12x28$184.00 c
12x30$196.00 c
12x32$248.00 c
12x36$208.00 c
12x40$300.00 c
Sizes H
12x45$320.00 c
12x50$328.00 c
12x55Call for Price
12x60$368.00 c
12x70Call for Price
12x80Call for Price
12x90$440.00 c
12x100$667.00 c
Sizes H
12x120$800.00 c
14x24$367.00 c
14x28Call for Price
14x32Call for Price
14x36$417.00 c
14x40$434.00 c
14x45$467.00 c
14x50$470.00 c
Sizes H
14x60Call for Price
14x70$584.00 c
14x80$767.00 c
14x100$1,134.00 c
14x120Call for Price
16x28Call for Price
16x30$367.00 c
16x32Call for Price
Sizes H
16x36$500.00 c
16x40$384.00 c
16x45$100.00 c
16x50$500.00 c
16x55$600.00 c
16x60$634.00 c
16x70Call for Price
16x80$767.00 c
Sizes H
16x90$200.00 c
16x100$967.00 c
16x120Call for Price
16x140Call for Price
16x160Call for Price
20x40$700.00 c
20x50$950.00 c
20x60$900.00 c
Sizes H
20x70Call for Price
20x80$1,067.00 c
20x90Call for Price
20x100Call for Price
20x120$1,834.00 c
20x140Call for Price
20x160Call for Price
20x180Call for Price
Sizes H