List prices for Pins & Rings, Item# 7

List Prices for Item # 7, Precision Dowel Pin

Ref: DIN 7/Similar to ISO 2338
Parallel - Tolerance m 6 (oversized) - Type A - Machined - Rounded Ends
Nominal length does not equal "overall length", For other nominal diameters - Please call.

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1x2Call for PriceCall for Price
1x3Call for Price$16.79 c
1x4Call for PriceCall for Price
1x5$12.00 c$24.00 c
1x6Call for Price$14.85 c
1x8$5.26 cCall for Price
1x10Call for PriceCall for Price
1x12Call for Price$21.79 c
1.5x3Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  A1
1.5x4Call for Price$11.42 c
1.5x5Call for PriceCall for Price
1.5x6Call for Price$10.64 c
1.5x8$9.28 cCall for Price
1.5x10Call for PriceCall for Price
1.5x12Call for Price$11.33 c
1.5x14Call for Price$20.00 c
1.5x16Call for Price$21.75 c
Sizes  A1
1.5x18Not StockedCall for Price
1.5x20Call for Price$15.91 c
1.5x24Call for Price$25.59 c
2x4$14.00 c$16.56 c
2x5$15.00 c$16.05 c
2x6$10.70 c$16.50 c
2x8Call for Price$17.02 c
2x10$9.83 c$18.20 c
Sizes  A1
2x12$10.70 c$18.49 c
2x14$10.57 c$23.24 c
2x16$13.56 c$21.88 c
2x18Call for Price$16.44 c
2x20$16.71 c$22.00 c
2x24$18.37 cCall for Price
2.5x4Call for PriceCall for Price
2.5x5Call for Price$18.49 c
Sizes  A1
2.5x6Call for Price$15.92 c
2.5x8$12.13 c$19.59 c
2.5x10$12.53 c$23.55 c
2.5x12$10.25 c$31.53 c
2.5x14Call for PriceCall for Price
2.5x16Call for Price$29.88 c
2.5x18$8.27 c$26.00 c
2.5x20$31.90 cCall for Price
Sizes  A1
2.5x24$16.27 c$22.64 c
3x4Call for Price$43.93 c
3x5$12.64 c$22.29 c
3x6$17.20 c$24.79 c
3x8$12.37 c$18.97 c
3x10$13.27 c$22.21 c
3x12$13.40 c$31.19 c
3x14Call for Price$35.95 c
Sizes  A1
3x16$18.72 c$34.54 c
3x18Call for Price$40.89 c
3x20$28.97 c$45.00 c
3x24$26.62 c$50.99 c
3x26Not Stocked$57.89 c
3x28Call for Price$58.97 c
3x30Call for Price$65.00 c
3x32Call for PriceCall for Price
Sizes  A1
3x36$31.06 cNot Stocked
3x40Call for PriceNot Stocked
4x5Call for PriceNot Stocked
4x6Call for Price$37.65 c
4x8$19.00 c$38.48 c
4x10$20.07 c$36.42 c
4x12$20.59 c$29.56 c
4x14$21.00 c$49.98 c
Sizes  A1
4x16$22.50 c$52.46 c
4x18$27.24 c$58.97 c
4x20$29.98 c$52.06 c
4x24Call for Price$83.87 c
4x28Call for PriceCall for Price
4x30$31.00 c$81.61 c
4x32Call for Price$78.72 c
4x36Call for Price$91.65 c
Sizes  A1
4x40$45.58 cCall for Price
4x50Not Stocked$94.00 c
5x6Call for Price$56.92 c
5x8$13.36 c$69.86 c
5x10$18.06 c$45.42 c
5x12$20.95 c$50.10 c
5x14$45.94 c$50.00 c
5x16Call for Price$76.11 c
Sizes  A1
5x18$71.61 c$74.18 c
5x20Call for Price$67.93 c
5x24$37.75 c$90.30 c
5x28Call for PriceCall for Price
5x30$32.57 c$127.00 c
5x32Call for PriceCall for Price
5x36$60.95 c$115.00 c
5x40$61.89 c$163.00 c
Sizes  A1
5x45$62.71 cCall for Price
5x50Call for PriceCall for Price
5x60Not Stocked$195.00 c
6x8$28.80 c$59.18 c
6x10$26.11 c$84.22 c
6x12$33.88 c$62.29 c
6x14$33.06 c$71.74 c
6x16$37.46 c$89.78 c
Sizes  A1
6x18$46.89 c$62.95 c
6x20$33.34 c$87.55 c
6x24$33.28 c$97.51 c
6x28Call for PriceCall for Price
6x30Call for Price$141.00 c
6x32Call for Price$154.00 c
6x36$60.76 cCall for Price
6x40Call for Price$190.00 c
Sizes  A1
6x45Call for Price$165.00 c
6x50Call for Price$213.00 c
6x55Call for Price$229.00 c
6x60Call for Price$406.00 c
6x70Call for Price$317.00 c
6x80$114.00 c$348.00 c
8x10Call for PriceNot Stocked
8x12Call for Price$82.48 c
Sizes  A1
8x14$66.00 cCall for Price
8x16$55.26 c$87.15 c
8x18$52.30 c$103.00 c
8x20Call for Price$109.00 c
8x22Not StockedCall for Price
8x24$75.77 c$133.00 c
8x28$112.00 cCall for Price
8x30$81.22 c$134.00 c
Sizes  A1
8x32Call for PriceCall for Price
8x36$60.00 c$181.00 c
8x40Call for Price$168.00 c
8x45Call for Price$179.00 c
8x50$91.97 c$233.00 c
8x55Call for Price$211.00 c
8x60$67.70 cCall for Price
8x70$97.30 cCall for Price
Sizes  A1
8x80Call for Price$437.00 c
8x90Call for PriceNot Stocked
8x100$22.54 cNot Stocked
10x10Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x12Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x16Call for Price$134.00 c
10x18$94.90 c$92.57 c
10x20Call for Price$114.00 c
Sizes  A1
10x24$195.00 c$137.00 c
10x28$220.00 c$196.00 c
10x30$177.00 c$177.00 c
10x32$96.35 cCall for Price
10x36$154.00 cCall for Price
10x40$149.00 cCall for Price
10x45Call for Price$365.00 c
10x50$213.00 c$295.00 c
Sizes  A1
10x55Call for PriceCall for Price
10x60$330.00 c$590.00 c
10x70$361.00 cCall for Price
10x80$150.00 c$531.00 c
10x90$144.00 c$510.00 c
10x100$153.00 cCall for Price
10x110Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x120Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  A1
12x20Call for PriceNot Stocked
12x24$160.00 c$275.00 c
12x28Call for Price$389.00 c
12x30Call for Price$409.00 c
12x32$260.00 c$435.00 c
12x36Call for PriceCall for Price
12x40$280.00 c$530.00 c
12x45Call for PriceCall for Price
Sizes  A1
12x50$338.00 c$575.00 c
12x60Call for Price$700.00 c
12x70$417.00 c$850.00 c
12x80Call for Price$875.00 c
12x90Call for Price$899.00 c
12x100Call for PriceCall for Price
12x120Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x32$400.00 cNot Stocked
Sizes  A1
16x36Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x40Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x45Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x50Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x55$439.00 cNot Stocked
16x60Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x70Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x80Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  A1
16x90$890.00 cNot Stocked
16x100Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x120Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x30Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x36Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x40Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x45Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x50$1,025.00 cNot Stocked
Sizes  A1
20x60Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x70Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x80Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x90Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x100Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x120Call for PriceNot Stocked