List prices for Pins & Rings, Item# 7

List Prices for Item # 7, Precision Dowel Pin

Ref: DIN 7/Similar to ISO 2338
Parallel - Tolerance m 6 (oversized) - Type A - Machined - Rounded Ends
Nominal length does not equal "overall length", For other nominal diameters - Please call.

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1x2Call for PriceCall for Price
1x3Call for Price$16.79 c
1x4Call for PriceCall for Price
1x5$8.25 c$24.00 c
1x6Call for Price$14.85 c
1x8$5.26 cCall for Price
1x10Call for Price$20.56 c
1x12Call for Price$9.10 c
1.5x3Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  A1
1.5x4Call for Price$11.42 c
1.5x5Call for PriceCall for Price
1.5x6Call for PriceCall for Price
1.5x8$9.28 c$14.13 c
1.5x10Call for Price$17.04 c
1.5x12Call for Price$11.33 c
1.5x14Call for Price$11.58 c
1.5x16Call for Price$21.75 c
Sizes  A1
1.5x18Not StockedCall for Price
1.5x20Call for Price$15.91 c
1.5x24Call for Price$25.59 c
2x4$14.00 c$16.56 c
2x5$15.00 c$16.05 c
2x6$10.70 c$13.78 c
2x8Call for Price$17.02 c
2x10$9.83 c$18.20 c
Sizes  A1
2x12$10.70 c$18.49 c
2x14$10.57 c$23.24 c
2x16$13.56 c$21.88 c
2x18Call for Price$16.44 c
2x20$16.71 c$26.95 c
2x24$18.37 c$35.00 c
2.5x4Call for PriceCall for Price
2.5x5Call for Price$18.49 c
Sizes  A1
2.5x6Call for Price$15.92 c
2.5x8$12.13 c$19.59 c
2.5x10$12.53 c$23.55 c
2.5x12$10.25 c$31.53 c
2.5x14Call for PriceCall for Price
2.5x16Call for Price$29.88 c
2.5x18$8.27 c$26.00 c
2.5x20$31.90 cCall for Price
Sizes  A1
2.5x24Call for Price$22.64 c
3x4Call for Price$43.93 c
3x5$12.64 c$22.29 c
3x6$17.20 c$24.79 c
3x8$12.37 c$18.97 c
3x10$13.27 c$22.21 c
3x12$13.40 c$31.19 c
3x14Call for Price$35.95 c
Sizes  A1
3x16$18.72 c$34.54 c
3x18Call for Price$40.89 c
3x20$28.97 c$45.00 c
3x24$26.62 c$50.99 c
3x26Not Stocked$57.89 c
3x28Call for Price$58.97 c
3x30Call for Price$65.00 c
3x32Call for PriceCall for Price
Sizes  A1
3x36Call for PriceNot Stocked
3x40Call for PriceNot Stocked
4x5Call for PriceNot Stocked
4x6Call for Price$37.65 c
4x8$19.00 c$38.48 c
4x10$20.07 c$36.42 c
4x12$20.59 c$21.48 c
4x14$21.00 c$49.98 c
Sizes  A1
4x16$22.50 c$52.46 c
4x18$27.24 c$58.97 c
4x20$29.98 cCall for Price
4x24Call for Price$83.87 c
4x28Call for Price$64.00 c
4x30$31.00 c$81.61 c
4x32Call for Price$78.72 c
4x36Call for Price$91.65 c
Sizes  A1
4x40$45.58 cCall for Price
4x50Not Stocked$94.00 c
5x6Call for Price$56.92 c
5x8$13.36 c$69.86 c
5x10$18.06 c$45.42 c
5x12$20.95 c$50.10 c
5x14$45.94 c$50.00 c
5x16Call for Price$76.11 c
Sizes  A1
5x18$71.61 c$74.18 c
5x20$34.96 c$67.93 c
5x24Call for Price$90.30 c
5x28Call for PriceCall for Price
5x30$32.57 c$127.00 c
5x32$59.81 cCall for Price
5x36$60.95 c$115.00 c
5x40$61.89 c$163.00 c
Sizes  A1
5x45$62.71 cCall for Price
5x50Call for PriceCall for Price
5x60Not Stocked$195.00 c
6x8$28.80 c$59.18 c
6x10$26.11 c$84.22 c
6x12$33.88 c$62.29 c
6x14$33.06 c$71.74 c
6x16$37.46 c$89.78 c
Sizes  A1
6x18$46.89 c$62.95 c
6x20$33.34 c$87.55 c
6x24$33.28 c$97.51 c
6x28$49.70 cCall for Price
6x30$49.99 c$141.00 c
6x32Call for Price$154.00 c
6x36$60.76 cCall for Price
6x40Call for Price$190.00 c
Sizes  A1
6x45Call for Price$165.00 c
6x50Call for Price$213.00 c
6x55Call for Price$229.00 c
6x60Call for Price$406.00 c
6x70Call for Price$317.00 c
6x80$114.00 c$348.00 c
8x10Call for PriceNot Stocked
8x12Call for Price$82.48 c
Sizes  A1
8x14$56.23 cCall for Price
8x16$55.26 c$87.15 c
8x18$52.30 c$103.00 c
8x20$56.71 c$109.00 c
8x22Not StockedCall for Price
8x24$75.77 c$133.00 c
8x28Call for PriceCall for Price
8x30$81.22 c$134.00 c
Sizes  A1
8x32$100.00 cCall for Price
8x36$57.62 c$181.00 c
8x40$85.00 cCall for Price
8x45Call for Price$179.00 c
8x50$91.97 c$233.00 c
8x55Call for Price$211.00 c
8x60$67.70 cCall for Price
8x70$97.30 cCall for Price
Sizes  A1
8x80Call for Price$437.00 c
8x90Call for PriceNot Stocked
8x100$22.54 cNot Stocked
10x10Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x12Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x16Call for Price$134.00 c
10x18$94.90 c$92.57 c
10x20$75.96 c$114.00 c
Sizes  A1
10x24$195.00 c$137.00 c
10x28$220.00 c$196.00 c
10x30$177.00 c$177.00 c
10x32$96.35 cCall for Price
10x36$154.00 cCall for Price
10x40$149.00 cCall for Price
10x45Call for Price$365.00 c
10x50$213.00 c$295.00 c
Sizes  A1
10x55Call for PriceCall for Price
10x60$330.00 c$590.00 c
10x70$361.00 cCall for Price
10x80$150.00 c$531.00 c
10x90$144.00 c$510.00 c
10x100$153.00 cCall for Price
10x110Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x120Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  A1
12x20Call for PriceNot Stocked
12x24$160.00 c$275.00 c
12x28Call for Price$389.00 c
12x30Call for Price$409.00 c
12x32Call for Price$435.00 c
12x36Call for PriceCall for Price
12x40$280.00 c$530.00 c
12x45Call for PriceCall for Price
Sizes  A1
12x50$338.00 c$575.00 c
12x60Call for Price$700.00 c
12x70$417.00 c$850.00 c
12x80Call for Price$875.00 c
12x90Call for Price$899.00 c
12x100Call for PriceCall for Price
12x120Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x32Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  A1
16x36Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x40Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x45Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x50Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x55$439.00 cNot Stocked
16x60Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x70Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x80Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  A1
16x90$890.00 cNot Stocked
16x100Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x120Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x30Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x36Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x40Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x45Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x50$1,025.00 cNot Stocked
Sizes  A1
20x60Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x70Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x80Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x90Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x100Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x120Call for PriceNot Stocked