List prices for Thread Repair Inserts & Blind Rivet Nuts, Item# EZLOK-M

List Prices for Item # EZLOK-M, EZlok Insert With Metric External Thread

With Metric Internal Thread and Metric External Thread EZLOK inserts are easy to install - No special tools or skills are required
1. Drill with standard drill # 338
2. Tap with standard tap # 352 P
3. Install insert with bolt and nut
4. Use nut to shorten bolt to proper insert length (if needed)

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3x.5$5.13 ea
4x.7$5.41 ea
5x.8$6.17 ea
6x1$6.29 ea
8x1.25$7.12 ea
10x1.5$11.02 ea
12x1.75$12.30 ea
16x2Call for Price