List prices for Nuts, Item# 934L

List Prices for Item # 934L, Regular Hex Nut, Left Hand

Ref: DIN 934/Similar to ISO 4032-1/ANSI B

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3x.5Not StockedNot StockedCall for Price
4x.7$20.00 cNot Stocked$9.90 c
5x.8$15.00 cNot Stocked$11.00 c
6x1$10.70 cNot Stocked$13.00 c
8x1Not StockedNot Stocked$95.98 c
8x1.25$16.49 cCall for Price$13.40 c
10x1Not StockedNot Stocked$110.00 c
10x1.25Not StockedNot Stocked$115.00 c
10x1.5$45.59 c$50.00 c$41.00 c
Sizes ZPA2L
12x1.25Not StockedNot Stocked$431.00 c
12x1.5Not StockedNot Stocked$100.00 c
12x1.75$77.32 cCall for Price$78.89 c
14x1.5Not StockedNot Stocked$90.00 c
14x2$130.00 cCall for Price$198.90 c
16x1.5Not StockedNot StockedCall for Price
16x2$67.46 c$150.00 c$130.00 c
18x1.5Not StockedNot Stocked$900.00 c
Sizes ZPA2L
18x2Not StockedNot StockedCall for Price
18x2.5Call for PriceNot Stocked$650.00 c
20x1.5Not StockedNot Stocked$349.00 c
20x2Not StockedNot StockedCall for Price
20x2.5$192.00 cCall for Price$295.00 c
22x1.5Not StockedNot Stocked$1,473.00 c
22x2.5Call for PriceNot StockedCall for Price
24x1.5Not StockedNot Stocked$550.00 c
Sizes ZPA2L
24x2Not StockedNot Stocked$1,200.00 c
24x3$368.00 c$600.00 c$475.00 c
27x3Not StockedNot Stocked$23.72 ea
30x1.5Not StockedNot Stocked$19.23 ea
30x2Not StockedNot Stocked$20.00 ea
30x3.5$5.42 eaCall for Price$5.00 ea
33x3.5Not StockedNot Stocked$15.00 ea
36x1.5Not StockedNot StockedCall for Price
Sizes ZPA2L
36x3Not StockedNot StockedCall for Price
36x4$15.00 eaNot StockedCall for Price
42x4.5Not StockedNot StockedCall for Price