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List Prices for Item # 7967, Self Locking Pal Nut

Spring Steel HRC 38 - 42 - Self-Locking Counter Nut - "Pal Nut"
Tightening:Screw on hand-tight and then give final tightening of 1/4 to 1/2 turn by spanner.
Loosening:First tighten the hex nut hard and then release the self locking counter nut.

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4x.7$60.99 c
5x.8Call for Price
6x1Call for Price
8x1.25Call for Price
10x1.5$95.95 c
12x1.75$120.00 c
14x2Call for Price
16x2$80.00 c
18x2.5$100.00 c
20x2.5$110.00 c
22x2.5Call for Price
24x3$220.00 c
27x3$295.00 c
30x3.5$400.00 c