List prices for Nuts, Item# 6915

List Prices for Item # 6915, High Strength Hexagon Nut, 10.9

For Structural Bolts - With Large Across Flat Widths - Property Class 10 - Coarse Thread
Marking 10SHV: High Tension Hex Nuts shall be marked with strength grade "10" followed by the letter "S" to indicate a nut with a large hexagon across flat.
Larger sizes available - Please call. - To be used with High Tension Bolts # 6914 10 and Washers # 6916

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12x1.75$173.00 cCall for Price
16x2$216.00 cCall for Price
20x2.5$259.00 c$316.00 c
22x2.5Call for Price$400.00 c
24x3$399.00 c$439.00 c
27x3$8.79 eaCall for Price
30x3.5$8.00 eaCall for Price
36x4$21.44 eaCall for Price