List prices for Nuts, Item# 1805

List Prices for Item # 1805, Slotted Shaft Ring Nut With Nylon Insert

Zinc Plated with polyamide insert (Not for use where temperatures exceed 100C)
Shaft nuts with locking non-metallic insert are especially helpful in applications where locking tab washers are not easily installed as well as in applications where the need to reduce assembly time is critical.
Alternate form of locking shaft nuts with tapped hole & set screw (Series DRS) are also available by special request.

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10x.75Call for Price
10x1Call for Price
10x1.5Call for Price
12x1$4.23 ea
12x1.5Call for Price
14x1Call for Price
14x1.5Call for Price
15x1$4.45 ea
16x1Call for Price
16x1.5$10.27 ea
17x1$4.45 ea
18x1Call for Price
18x1.5Call for Price
20x1$4.45 ea
20x1.5$8.89 ea
22x1Call for Price
22x1.5Call for Price
24x1.5$24.50 ea
25x1.5$5.56 ea
27x1.5Call for Price
28x1.5Call for Price
30x1.5$7.00 ea
32x1.5Call for Price
34x1.5Call for Price
35x1.5$9.78 ea
38x1.5Call for Price
40x1.5$11.12 ea
42x1.5Call for Price
45x1.5$15.78 ea
48x1.5Call for Price
50x1.5$24.50 ea
52x1.5Call for Price
55x2Call for Price
60x2Call for Price
65x2Call for Price
70x2Call for Price
75x2$75.60 ea
80x2Call for Price
85x2Call for Price
90x2Call for Price
95x2Call for Price
100x2$100.00 ea