List prices for Threaded Rod, Studs & Pins, Item# 7978

List Prices for Item # 7978, Taper Pin With Internal Thread

Ref: DIN 7978/ISO 8736
Internal Thread - 1:50 (2%) Taper
Nominal Diameter indicates diameter at smaller tapered pin end.
For nominal diameters 14 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 40, mm and 50 mm - Please call

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6x16$339.00 c
6x18Call for Price
6x20$567.00 c
6x24$271.00 c
6x26Call for Price
6x28Call for Price
6x30$298.00 c
6x32$317.00 c
6x36$390.00 c
6x40$379.00 c
6x45Call for Price
6x50$300.00 c
6x60$420.00 c
8x20$476.00 c
8x24$380.00 c
8x26Call for Price
8x28$450.00 c
8x30$435.00 c
8x32$449.00 c
8x36$399.00 c
8x40$416.00 c
8x45$410.00 c
8x50$395.00 c
8x55$426.00 c
8x60$467.00 c
8x70$443.00 c
8x80$664.00 c
8x90$543.00 c
10x24Call for Price
10x28Call for Price
10x30$431.00 c
10x32$475.00 c
10x36$510.00 c
10x40$525.00 c
10x45$550.00 c
10x50$575.00 c
10x55$720.00 c
10x60$740.00 c
10x70$800.00 c
10x80$803.00 c
10x90$1,148.00 c
10x100Call for Price
12x32$567.00 c
12x36$597.00 c
12x40$628.00 c
12x45$789.00 c
12x50$565.00 c
12x55$569.00 c
12x60$770.00 c
12x70$850.00 c
12x80$1,195.00 c
12x90Call for Price
12x100$1,475.00 c
12x120$1,998.00 c
16x40Call for Price
16x45Call for Price
16x50Call for Price
16x55Call for Price
16x60Call for Price
16x70$1,625.00 c
16x80$1,650.00 c
16x90Call for Price
16x100Call for Price
16x120Call for Price
20x50Call for Price
20x60$2,100.00 c
20x70$2,250.00 c
20x80$2,300.00 c
20x90Call for Price
20x100Call for Price
20x120$2,598.90 c