List prices for Threaded Rod, Studs & Pins, Item# 7977

List Prices for Item # 7977, Taper Pin With External Thread

Ref: DIN 7977/ISO 8737
External Thread - 1:50 (2%) Taper
Nominal diameter indicates diameter at smaller end of pin. - For nominal diameters 14, 20, 30, 40 and 50 - Please call.

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5x40$319.00 c
5x45$250.00 c
5x50$587.00 c
5x55Call for Price
5x60Call for Price
6x40$427.00 c
6x45$479.00 c
6x50$498.00 c
6x55$519.00 c
6x60$427.00 c
6x65Call for Price
6x70Call for Price
6x80Call for Price
8x40$317.00 c
8x50$379.00 c
8x55Call for Price
8x60Call for Price
8x65$464.00 c
8x75$614.00 c
8x85$443.00 c
8x100$904.00 c
10x50$650.00 c
10x60$865.00 c
10x65$364.00 c
10x70$700.00 c
10x75$586.00 c
10x85Call for Price
10x100$846.00 c
10x120Call for Price
12x60$478.00 c
12x65$646.00 c
12x75$411.00 c
12x85$731.00 c
12x100$975.00 c
12x120$1,337.00 c
12x140$1,357.00 c
13x60Call for Price
13x85Call for Price
13x100Call for Price
13x120Call for Price
16x85Call for Price
16x100$811.00 c
16x120$801.00 c
16x140Call for Price