List prices for Machine Screws & Tapping Screws, Item# 7513A

List Prices for Item # 7513A, Hex Head Thread Cutting Screw, Steel

True ISO Metric Thread - Plated - Steel - Hardened
Please note: Hole diameter can be larger for thick walled or hard materials and smaller for thin walled or soft materials. Tests are recommended.

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4x10Call for Price
4x12$46.79 c
4x16Call for Price
4x20Call for Price
4x25Call for Price
4x30Call for Price
4x35Call for Price
4x40Call for Price
5x10$19.70 c
5x12Call for Price
5x16Call for Price
5x20Call for Price
5x25Call for Price
5x30Call for Price
5x35Call for Price
6x12Call for Price
6x16$50.00 c
6x20Call for Price
6x25Call for Price
6x35$97.34 c
8x16$137.00 c
8x20$91.30 c
8x25Call for Price
8x30Call for Price
8x35$190.00 c
8x40Call for Price