List prices for Threaded Fastener Assortments, Item# ASSTF

List Prices for Item # ASSTF, Fastener Assortments, Master Kit

High quality fasteners in four drawer slide rack slide rack, Metal Cabinet - Coarse Thread - Hex Screws - Socket Screws - Machine Screws - Nuts - Washers
This well organized small cabinet is a popular and easy to refill item. To reorder any of the four individual drawers, please contact our customer service department.
Available in 3 materials: Steel, Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated
Includes: 765 Hex Head Cap Screws, Grade8.8
425 Socket Head Cap Screws, Grade 12.9
1900 Hex Nuts, Grade 8
1900 Flat Washers
1900 Split Lockwashers
2080 Machine Screws
5 Hex Keys

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