List prices for Pneumatic Tubing & Fittings, Item# L3109

List Prices for Item # L3109, Male Elbow Connector For Flexible Tubing

Tube to Male BSPT

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4x1/8BSPT$11.50 ea
4x1/4BSPT$14.95 ea
6x1/8BSPT$11.75 ea
6x1/4BSPT$12.85 ea
8x1/8BSPT$18.50 ea
8x1/4BSPT$19.75 ea
8x3/8BSPT$20.00 ea
10x1/4BSPT$32.75 ea
10x1/2BSPT$34.00 ea
10x3/8BSPT$35.85 ea
12x1/4BSPT$38.50 ea
12x3/8BSPT$39.75 ea
12x1/2BSPTCall for Price
14x3/8BSPTCall for Price
14x1/2BSPTCall for Price