List prices for Hydraulic Tubing & Compression Fittings, Item# 2353ESV

List Prices for Item # 2353ESV, Weld Bulkhead Straight Union Fitting

Metric Tube to Metric Tube (Same Size Tubing) - Complete with Sleeves and Nuts
LL - Light Pressure, Nominal Pressure 100 BAR Max., One Bar=14.22 PSI
L - Medium Pressure, Nominal Pressure 250 BAR Max., One Bar=14.22 PSI
S - Heavy Pressure, Nominal Pressure 630 BAR Max., One Bar=14.22 PSI
Outside diameter of the tube indicates the nominal diameter of the fitting. Available in Brass and Stainless Steel upon request, please call.

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6S$30.46 ea
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12L$26.37 ea
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