List prices for Hydraulic Tubing & Compression Fittings, Item# 1786A

List Prices for Item # 1786A, Soft Metric Copper Tubing In Coils

Seamless Drawn - Safety Factor: 4 - Form A: Soft/In coils.
Prices are per 50 meter coils for OD sizes 4 thru 15 and 25 meter coils for OD sizes 18 and over

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10x1x35 metersCall for Price
4x1$725.00 ea
4x1cut$19.00 ea
6x1$550.00 ea
6x1cut$21.00 ea
8x1$900.00 ea
8x1cut$21.00 ea
10x1$1,095.00 ea
10x1cut$24.00 ea
Sizes CU
12x1$1,700.00 ea
12x1cut$30.00 ea
15x1Call for Price
15x1cut$17.50 ea
15x1.5Call for Price
15x1.5cut$15.00 ea
18x1$2,500.00 ea
18x1cut$46.00 ea
Sizes CU
18x1.5Call for Price
18x1.5cutCall for Price
22x1Call for Price
22x1cutCall for Price
22x1.5Call for Price
22x1.5cutCall for Price