List prices for Rulers & Measuring Tapes, Item# MPT

List Prices for Item # MPT, Pocket Measuring Tape

Industry Quality - Blade made of Tempered High Quality Steel - Baked Enamel - Red and Black Graduation - Transparent Abrasion Resistant Finish - Hook End
Digital tape measures feature large LCD display numbers for quick, accurate reading, high impact resistant case, internal optical sensor, metric/inch display and blade, measurement is "locked" after blade is retracted, zero reading at any blade position & automatic shut-off feature.

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3Mx1/4-MCall for Price
3Mx1/4-MICall for Price
4Mx1/2-MCall for Price
4Mx1/2-MICall for Price
5Mx3/4-MCall for Price
5Mx3/4-MICall for Price
5Mx3/4-DIGITALCall for Price
8Mx1-MCall for Price
8Mx1-MICall for Price
8Mx1-DIGITALCall for Price
1.2Mx1/2-STIXCall for Price
2Mx3/4-STIXCall for Price