List prices for Socket Head Screws, Item# 912FULL

List Prices for Item # 912FULL, Socket Head Cap Screw, Full Thread

Modified Ref: DIN 912/ISO 4762
According to DIN 912 & ISO 4762 the "recommended" thread length for metric socket head cap screws is 2x the diameter plus 12 mm. Because many of our customers have needs that require longer thread lengths, we have decided to stock a modified, full thread version of the DIN 912 standard in addition to our "normal" product line (in 12.9 alloy steel only). The way these sizes are listed reflects the European method for indicating "full thread".

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3x25/25Call for Price
3x30/30$22.24 c
4x25/25Call for Price
4x30/30$48.00 c
4x35/35$48.40 c
4x40/40$50.00 c
4x45/45$56.00 c
4x50/50$60.00 c
4x60/60Call for Price
5x30/30$40.00 c
5x35/35$52.00 c
5x40/40$52.80 c
5x45/45$54.00 c
5x50/50$54.40 c
5x60/60$60.00 c
5x70/70$80.00 c
6x30/30$80.00 c
6x35/35$48.00 c
6x40/40$50.00 c
6x45/45$52.00 c
6x50/50$60.00 c
6x55/55$80.00 c
6x60/60$83.00 c
6x70/70$84.00 c
6x80/80$140.00 c
6x90/90Call for Price
6x100/100$168.00 c
8x35/35Call for Price
8x40/40$84.00 c
8x45/45$86.00 c
8x50/50$88.00 c
8x55/55$90.00 c
8x60/60$104.00 c
8x70/70$120.00 c
8x80/80$148.00 c
8x90/90$160.00 c
8x100/100$200.00 c
8x120/120Call for Price
10x40/40$150.00 c
10x45/45Call for Price
10x50/50$132.00 c
10x55/55$140.00 c
10x60/60$140.00 c
10x70/70$188.00 c
10x80/80$200.00 c
10x90/90$200.00 c
10x100/100$240.00 c
12x45/45$180.00 c
12x50/50$340.00 c
12x55/55$196.00 c
12x60/60$208.00 c
12x70/70$300.00 c
12x80/80$304.00 c
12x90/90$340.00 c
12x100/100$267.00 c
16x50/50$500.00 c
16x55/55Call for Price
16x60/60$330.00 c
16x70/70$367.00 c
16x80/80$434.00 c
16x90/90$500.00 c
16x100/100$500.00 c
20x60/60Call for Price
20x70/70Call for Price
20x80/80Call for Price
20x90/90Call for Price
20x100/100$867.00 c
24x70/70Call for Price
24x80/80$1,167.00 c
24x90/90$1,334.00 c
24x100/100$1,534.00 c