List prices for End Mills, Reamers, Counterbores, Etc., Item# KBR

List Prices for Item # KBR, Keyway Broach

High Speed Steel - Including Necessary Shims - Genuine Minute Man® - Made in USA
Braoches are made with 8° to 10° rake and relieved for cutting steels and iron. If keyways are to be cut in brass or other soft materials, the rake should be removed.

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A2mmCall for Price
A3mmCall for Price
B4mmCall for Price
B5mm$98.85 ea
C5mmCall for Price
C6mmCall for Price
C8mmCall for Price
D10mmCall for Price
D12mmCall for Price
D14mmCall for Price
E16mm$269.10 ea
E18mmCall for Price
F20mmCall for Price
F22mmCall for Price
F24mmCall for Price
F25mmCall for Price