List prices for End Mills, Reamers, Counterbores, Etc., Item# 9B

List Prices for Item # 9B, HSS Taper Pin Reamer Spiral Flute

Taper 1:50 - For Pins # 7977 and # 7978
Top Quality - Typical Origin: Austria, germany, United States

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1mmCall for Price
1.5mm$79.00 ea
1.6mmCall for Price
2mm$80.00 ea
2.5mm$80.00 ea
3mm$70.00 ea
4mm$55.00 ea
5mm$60.00 ea
6mm$65.00 ea
6.5mm$115.00 ea
8mm$89.00 ea
10mm$150.00 ea
12mm$170.00 ea
13mm$195.00 ea
14mm$275.00 ea
16mmCall for Price
20mm$250.00 ea
25mmCall for Price
30mmCall for Price
40mmCall for Price
50mmCall for Price