List prices for Taps & Dies, Item# 51

List Prices for Item # 51, HSS Spiral Point Machine Tap

For Through Holes - High Speed Steel - For Tolerance Class 6H
Spiral Pointed Taps are designed to drive cips forward permitting faster speed and less force
Top Quality - Typical Origin: Germany, United States

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1.8x.35Call for Price
2x.4Call for Price
2.2x.45Call for Price
2.3x.4Call for Price
2.5x.45$18.00 ea
3x.5$10.00 ea
3.5x.6$20.00 ea
4x.5Call for Price
4x.7$10.00 ea
4.5x.75Call for Price
5x.5Call for Price
5x.8$11.00 ea
6x.75$11.00 ea
6x1$9.50 ea
7x1$11.00 ea
8x1$19.00 ea
8x1.25$11.00 ea
9x1Call for Price
10x1$18.00 ea
10x1.25Call for Price
10x1.5$15.00 ea
12x1Call for Price
12x1.25Call for Price
12x1.5Call for Price
12x1.75$19.50 ea
14x1.25Call for Price
14x1.5$36.00 ea
14x2Call for Price
16x1.5Call for Price
16x2$28.00 ea
18x2.5Call for Price
20x1.5Call for Price
20x2.5Call for Price
24x3Call for Price