List prices for Washers, Item# 6796

List Prices for Item # 6796, Safety Disc Spring Washer

Ref: DIN 6796
Spring Steel - Black - To be used with Socket Head Screws or Hex Head Screws

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HDS10Not StockedNot Stocked
HDS12Not StockedNot Stocked
HDS14$190.00 cNot Stocked
HDS16$130.00 cNot Stocked
HDS18Call for PriceNot Stocked
HDS2$3.45 cNot Stocked
HDS2.5Call for PriceNot Stocked
HDS20$251.00 cNot Stocked
HDS22Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  A2
HDS24$799.90 cNot Stocked
HDS27Call for PriceNot Stocked
HDS3$8.11 cNot Stocked
HDS3.5Call for PriceNot Stocked
HDS30$959.00 cNot Stocked
HDS4Not StockedNot Stocked
HDS5Not StockedNot Stocked
HDS6Not StockedNot Stocked
Sizes  A2
HDS7Call for PriceNot Stocked
HDS8Not StockedNot Stocked
HDS4$6.70 c$15.00 c
HDS5$6.80 c$8.00 c
HDS6$9.00 c$16.94 c
HDS8$13.00 c$20.00 c
HDS10$55.00 c$43.64 c
HDS12$75.00 c$60.93 c
Sizes  A2