List prices for Washers, Item# 5406

List Prices for Item # 5406, Shaft Lock Washer

Ref: DIN 5406
To be used with SKF style shaft nut #981

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MB-0Call for Price
MB-1$1.55 ea
MB-2$1.60 ea
MB-3$1.65 ea
MB-4$1.80 ea
MB-5$1.85 ea
MB-6$1.90 ea
MB-7$2.10 ea
MB-8$2.15 ea
MB-9$2.50 ea
MB-10$2.90 ea
MB-11$2.59 ea
MB-12$3.30 ea
MB-13$3.50 ea
MB-14$4.35 ea
MB-15$5.40 ea
MB-16$6.65 ea
MB-17$7.40 ea
MB-18$7.59 ea
MB-19$9.00 ea
MB-20$7.53 ea
MB-21$9.89 ea
MB-22$17.50 ea
MB-23$18.88 ea
MB-24Call for Price
MB-25$23.89 ea
MB-26$24.95 ea
MB-27Call for Price
MB-28Call for Price
MB-29Call for Price
MB-30$58.19 ea
MB-31Call for Price
MB-32Call for Price
MB-33Call for Price
MB-34$103.50 ea
MB-36Call for Price
MB-38Call for Price
MB-40Call for Price
MB-44Call for Price
MB-45Call for Price
MB-52Call for Price
MB-56Call for Price