List prices for Washers, Item# 2093

List Prices for Item # 2093, Disc Spring Washer

Disc Springs offer particularly the following benefits:
-Load/deflection curves of straight, progressive or regressive character
-Easy adjustment of the springstack length by addition or removal of discs
-Space saving
-No Deformation or fatigue under normal loads, long service life
Disc Springs may be used singly or combined to make stacked spring columns. For Stainless Steel, please call.

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6x3.2x.3$29.89 c
8x3.2x.2$34.64 c
8x3.2x.3Call for Price
8x3.2x.4$27.44 c
8x4.2x.2Call for Price
8x4.2x.3Call for Price
8x4.2x.4$25.61 c
10x3.2x.3$20.32 c
10x3.2x.4Call for Price
10x3.2x.5Call for Price
10x4.2x.4$20.81 c
10x4.2x.5Call for Price
10x5.2x.4Call for Price
10x5.2x.5$23.94 c
12x4.2x.4$24.40 c
12x4.2x.5Call for Price
12x4.2x.6Call for Price
12x5.2x.5Call for Price
12x5.2x.6Call for Price
12x6.2x.5$26.98 c
12x6.2x.6$28.98 c
14x7.2x.5$13.49 c
14x7.2x.8$26.74 c
15x5.2x.4$23.71 c
15x5.2x.5Call for Price
15x5.2x.6Call for Price
15x5.2x.7Call for Price
15x6.2x.5$38.42 c
15x6.2x.6Call for Price
15x6.2x.7Call for Price
15x8.2x.7$31.80 c
15x8.2x.8$28.00 c
16x8.2x.6$22.22 c
16x8.2x.7Call for Price
16x8.2x.8$36.00 c
16x8.2x.9$24.20 c
18x6.2x.4Call for Price
18x6.2x.5Call for Price
18x6.2x.6$39.31 c
18x6.2x.7Call for Price
18x6.2x.8$49.85 c
18x8.2x.5Call for Price
18x8.2x.7Call for Price
18x8.2x.8Call for Price
18x8.2x1$67.89 c
18x9.2x.7Call for Price
18x9.2x1Call for Price
20x8.2x.6$33.71 c
20x8.2x.7$44.86 c
20x8.2x.8$41.03 c
20x8.2x.9Call for Price
20x8.2x1Call for Price
20x10.2x.8$35.12 c
20x10.2x.9$30.00 c
20x10.2x1$45.88 c
20x10.2x1.1$40.02 c
20x10.2x1.25$64.11 c
20x10.2x1.5$82.92 c
23x8.2x.7$31.94 c
23x8.2x.8Call for Price
23x8.2x.9Call for Price
23x8.2x1Call for Price
23x10.2x.9Call for Price
23x10.2x1$55.29 c
23x10.2x1.25$89.72 c
23x12.2x1$49.08 c
23x12.2x1.25$104.00 c
23x12.2x1.5$96.67 c
25x10.2x1Call for Price
25x12.2x.7Call for Price
25x12.2x.9$39.94 c
25x12.2x1$57.53 c
25x12.2x1.25Call for Price
25x12.2x1.5$87.39 c
28x10.2x.8Call for Price
28x10.2x1Call for Price
28x10.2x1.25Call for Price
28x10.2x1.5Call for Price
28x12.2x1Call for Price
28x12.2x1.25Call for Price
28x12.2x1.5Call for Price
28x14.2x.8$52.29 c
28x14.2x1$60.08 c
28x14.2x1.25$79.77 c
28x14.2x1.5$109.00 c
34x12.3x1$70.26 c
34x12.3x1.25$98.22 c
34x12.3x1.5Call for Price
34x14.3x1.25Call for Price
34x14.3x1.5Call for Price
34x16.3x1.5$143.00 c
34x16.3x2$151.00 c
40x14.3x1.25Call for Price
40x14.3x1.5$309.00 c
40x14.3x2Call for Price
40x16.3x1.5Call for Price
40x16.3x2Call for Price
40x18.3x2$144.00 c
40x20.4x1$101.00 c
40x20.4x1.5$167.00 c
40x20.4x2$197.00 c
40x20.4x2.25$188.00 c
40x20.4x2.5$243.00 c
45x22.4x1.25Call for Price
45x22.4x1.75$217.00 c
45x22.4x2.5$271.00 c
50x18.4x1.25Call for Price
50x18.4x1.5$284.00 c
50x18.4x2$241.00 c
50x18.4x2.5$371.00 c
50x18.4x3Call for Price
50x20.4x2Call for Price
50x20.4x2.5$400.00 c
50x22.4x2$325.00 c
50x22.4x2.5Call for Price
50x25.4x1.25Call for Price
50x25.4x1.5$249.00 c
50x25.4x2$336.00 c
50x25.4x2.5$377.00 c
50x25.4x3$372.00 c
60x20.5x2Call for Price
60x20.5x2.5$510.00 c
60x20.5x3$476.00 c
60x25.5x2.5$424.00 c
60x25.5x3Call for Price
60x30.5x2.5$429.00 c
60x30.5x3$567.00 c
60x30.5x3.5$574.00 c
70x25.5x2Call for Price
70x30.5x2.5$642.00 c
70x30.5x3Call for Price
70x35.5x3$854.00 c
70x35.5x4$1,227.00 c
70x40.5x4Call for Price
70x40.5x5$1,438.00 c
80x31x2.5Call for Price
80x31x3Call for Price
80x31x4Call for Price
80x36x3$979.00 c
80x36x4Call for Price
80x41x3$1,019.00 c
80x41x4Call for Price
80x41x5$1,650.00 c
100x41x4Call for Price
100x41x5Call for Price
100x51x2.7Call for Price
100x51x3.5Call for Price
100x51x4$19.93 ea
100x51x5$24.96 ea
100x51x6$27.25 ea
125x41x4Call for Price
125x51x4Call for Price
125x51x5Call for Price
125x51x6Call for Price
125x61x5Call for Price
125x61x6Call for Price
125x61x8Call for Price
125x64x5Call for Price
125x64x8Call for Price
125x71x6Call for Price
125x71x8Call for Price
125x71x10Call for Price
150x61x5Call for Price
150x61x6Call for Price
150x71x6Call for Price
150x71x8Call for Price
150x81x8Call for Price
150x81x10Call for Price
180x92x6Call for Price
180x92x10Call for Price
200x82x8Call for Price
200x82x10Call for Price
200x82x12Call for Price
200x92x10Call for Price
200x92x12Call for Price
200x92x14Call for Price
200x102x8Call for Price
200x102x10Call for Price
200x102x12Call for Price
200x102x14Call for Price