List prices for Hexagon Screws, Item# W151FL

List Prices for Item # W151FL, Hex Flange Lock Bolt With Serrated Flange

Tensilokô series with Self-Locking Serrated Flange Head-Heat Treated Steel -Coarse Thread- Black
Property Class: 90 for Dia. M5 to M10 (Similar to Grade 9.8), Tensile Strength: 900 MPa (130,500 psi min.) 100 for Dia. M12 to M16 (Similar to Grade 10.9), Tensile Strength: 1040 MPa (145,000 psi min.)
For matching Serrated Flange Lock Nuts, see item # W196 FL

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5x10$69.99 c
5x12$71.50 c
5x16$74.00 c
5x20$80.00 c
6x10$82.95 c
6x12$75.00 c
6x16$80.00 c
6x20$85.00 c
6x25$89.99 c
6x30$99.98 c
8x12$110.00 c
8x16$125.00 c
8x20$135.00 c
8x25$140.00 c
8x30$160.00 c
8x35$175.00 c
8x40$185.00 c
10x16$185.00 c
10x20$209.00 c
10x25$219.00 c
10x30$230.00 c
10x35$285.00 c
10x40$295.00 c
12x20$315.00 c
12x25$255.00 c
12x30$335.00 c
12x35$345.00 c
12x40$365.00 c
12x45$435.00 c
12x50$460.00 c
16x25$650.00 c
16x30$675.00 c
16x35$685.00 c
16x40$850.00 c
16x45Call for Price
16x50$1,150.00 c
16x60$1,250.00 c
16x70$1,325.00 c