List prices for Hexagon Screws, Item# 7500D

List Prices for Item # 7500D, Hex Head Thread Forming Screw With Trilobular Thread

Trilobular, Taptite™ thread - Steel Case Hardened - Zinc Plated
Designed for use in "blind thread" applications where use of a lock nut is not possible.
Please note: DIN 7500 D calls out a head configurationaccording to DIN 933. Most manufacturers in Europe, however, produce this item with an optional hex washer head flange. Most of our inventory DOES have a flange with a maximum O.D. For Phillips Pan Head version of this screw, see # 7500 C. For the Socket Head version, see # 7500 E.

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4x6$19.71 c
4x8Call for Price
4x10$18.54 c
4x12Call for Price
4x16$23.60 c
4x20Call for Price
5x8$23.64 c
5x10$21.50 c
5x12$27.00 c
5x16$24.42 c
5x20$39.03 c
5x25$29.59 c
5x30$32.00 c
6x8Call for Price
6x10$30.00 c
6x12$25.00 c
6x16$34.00 c
6x20$40.00 c
6x25Call for Price
6x30Call for Price
8x16$90.00 c
8x16-NO FLANGECall for Price
8x20$95.00 c
8x25Call for Price
8x25-NO FLANGECall for Price
8x30Call for Price
8x40Call for Price