List prices for Hexagon Screws, Item# 960

List Prices for Item # 960, Fine Thread Hex Head Cap Screw with Part Thread

DIN 960/ISO 8765

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8x1x35Call for PriceNot Stocked
8x1x40Call for PriceNot Stocked
8x1x45Call for PriceNot Stocked
8x1x50$94.98 c$139.00 c
8x1x55$99.50 cCall for Price
8x1x60$101.29 c$191.00 c
8x1x70$139.00 c$134.00 c
8x1x80$149.00 c$137.00 c
8x1x90Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  10
8x1x100Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x1x40Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x1x45Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x1x50$115.00 c$229.00 c
10x1x55Call for PriceCall for Price
10x1x60Call for PriceCall for Price
10x1x70$275.00 c$270.00 c
10x1x80Call for Price$263.00 c
Sizes  10
10x1x90$239.00 cCall for Price
10x1x100$409.00 cCall for Price
10x1x120Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x1.25x40Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x1.25x45Call for PriceNot Stocked
10x1.25x50$115.00 cCall for Price
10x1.25x55$125.00 c$180.00 c
10x1.25x60$130.00 c$185.00 c
Sizes  10
10x1.25x70$89.00 c$195.00 c
10x1.25x80$154.00 c$250.00 c
10x1.25x90$185.00 c$270.00 c
10x1.25x100$190.00 c$299.80 c
10x1.25x110$214.00 cCall for Price
10x1.25x120$226.00 c$282.00 c
12x1.25x45$200.00 cNot Stocked
12x1.25x50$225.00 c$188.00 c
Sizes  10
12x1.25x55$265.00 c$180.00 c
12x1.25x60$275.00 c$219.00 c
12x1.25x65$285.00 cNot Stocked
12x1.25x70$280.00 c$200.00 c
12x1.25x75Call for PriceNot Stocked
12x1.25x80$200.00 c$299.00 c
12x1.25x90$295.00 c$359.00 c
12x1.25x100$300.00 c$350.00 c
Sizes  10
12x1.25x110$330.00 cNot Stocked
12x1.25x120$345.00 cNot Stocked
12x1.5x45Call for PriceCall for Price
12x1.5x50Call for Price$248.00 c
12x1.5x55Call for Price$275.00 c
12x1.5x60$279.00 c$295.00 c
12x1.5x65$299.00 cCall for Price
12x1.5x70$319.00 c$315.00 c
Sizes  10
12x1.5x80$339.00 c$325.00 c
12x1.5x90$359.00 c$340.00 c
12x1.5x100$365.00 c$350.00 c
12x1.5x110$375.00 cNot Stocked
12x1.5x120$400.00 cNot Stocked
14x1.5x50$239.00 c$217.00 c
14x1.5x55$249.00 c$274.00 c
14x1.5x60$279.00 c$205.00 c
Sizes  10
14x1.5x65Not Stocked$341.00 c
14x1.5x70$289.00 c$193.00 c
14x1.5x75Not Stocked$299.00 c
14x1.5x80$300.00 c$250.00 c
14x1.5x90$325.00 c$364.00 c
14x1.5x100$359.00 c$297.00 c
14x1.5x110$495.00 cNot Stocked
14x1.5x120$430.00 cNot Stocked
Sizes  10
16x1.5x55Call for PriceCall for Price
16x1.5x60$340.00 c$360.00 c
16x1.5x65Not Stocked$370.00 c
16x1.5x70$369.00 c$264.00 c
16x1.5x80$419.00 c$285.00 c
16x1.5x90$459.00 c$425.00 c
16x1.5x100$480.00 c$454.00 c
16x1.5x110Call for Price$563.00 c
Sizes  10
16x1.5x120$695.00 c$595.00 c
16x1.5x130Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x1.5x140Call for PriceNot Stocked
16x1.5x150$850.00 cNot Stocked
16x1.5x160Call for PriceNot Stocked
18x1.5x60$440.00 c$625.00 c
18x1.5x70$595.00 c$630.00 c
18x1.5x80Call for Price$700.00 c
Sizes  10
18x1.5x90Call for Price$750.00 c
18x1.5x100$700.00 c$825.00 c
18x1.5x110Call for Price$1,125.00 c
18x1.5x120$900.00 c$900.00 c
18x1.5x130Call for PriceCall for Price
18x1.5x140Not StockedCall for Price
18x1.5x150Not Stocked$950.00 c
20x1.5x60Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  10
20x1.5x70Call for Price$775.00 c
20x1.5x75Not StockedCall for Price
20x1.5x80Call for Price$625.00 c
20x1.5x85$700.00 cCall for Price
20x1.5x90$700.00 c$650.00 c
20x1.5x100$800.00 c$700.00 c
20x1.5x110Call for Price$875.00 c
20x1.5x120Call for Price$950.00 c
Sizes  10
20x1.5x130Call for Price$1,095.00 c
20x1.5x140Call for Price$1,575.00 c
20x1.5x150$1,300.00 c$1,600.00 c
20x1.5x160Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x1.5x180Call for PriceNot Stocked
20x1.5x200Call for PriceNot Stocked
22x1.5x70Call for PriceNot Stocked
22x1.5x80Call for Price$1,118.00 c
Sizes  10
22x1.5x90Call for PriceCall for Price
22x1.5x100Call for PriceCall for Price
22x1.5x110Call for PriceCall for Price
22x1.5x120Call for PriceCall for Price
22x1.5x130Call for PriceNot Stocked
22x1.5x140Call for PriceNot Stocked
24x2x80$1,300.00 cNot Stocked
24x2x90Call for PriceCall for Price
Sizes  10
24x2x100$1,325.00 cCall for Price
24x2x110Call for PriceCall for Price
24x2x120Call for PriceCall for Price
24x2x130Call for PriceCall for Price
24x2x140Call for PriceCall for Price
24x2x150Call for PriceNot Stocked
24x2x160Call for PriceNot Stocked
24x2x180Call for PriceNot Stocked
Sizes  10
24x2x200Call for PriceNot Stocked